Short/Long Code - which one would you prefer?

Short codes – A catchy repetition and memorable string of numbers
Long codes – Ideal solution for long term campaigns

“A short code and a long code and a keyword identifies an interactive application within a workspace.”

A short code is a special telephone number which is exclusively used for sending and receiving text messages with application servers and is limited to national borders. Short codes are usually associated with mobile services such as interactive applications, and they are assigned by the mobile operator to the owner of the service.

It is a platform which can be used for marketing messages, appointment reminders, notifications and pin codes. Short codes can send approximately 100 messages per second and this throughput is perfect for sending time-sensitive messages to many users at once.

Variforrm solution also deals in long codes which are new to the text messaging landscape and has an easy set up with affordable cost. Long code texting uses classic 10 digit numbers which allow businesses and customers to have personalized two-way communication.

Keywords are unique alphanumeric words which when text messaged to specific short codes can trigger actions. This bridges the gap between the traditional reactive and proactive marketing campaigns. It is one of the most effective ways of having “Brand in hand” and nationwide reach. Keywords bring the spontaneity effect and help you rapidly acquire your own mobile phone customer database.

Whether you choose the long or short code, every SMS message sent is an opportunity to further develop your relationship with a customer.

Powerful functions and features you can trust on


Dynamic Delivery

Make your own application with the dynamic APIs and integrate your stage with a strong communication system


Virtual Classic Number

Make a selection from a range of fancy numbers that suits you well and make a difference


Bi-Directional Unicode

Send and receive using variable length character encoding, introduce and diversify your approach to customers instantly.



This tool intelligently lines up for concurrent message requests for systematic approach and implementations across the platform


Global Recognition

Make yourself more versatile and available in many countries across the globe


Mass Messaging

Our powerful gateway enables us to deliver mass messages and reach large crowd in fraction of seconds.