SMS Plugins to overhaul the messaging drive

SMS Plugins provides a great platform to seamlessly integrate with your customers, blog subscribers or members .

SMS Plugins enables sending preset SMS messages to the customers and also involves custom messages.Plugins are a great way to promote and expose the functionality of your store and combine the leading apps to one centre.They act as a blower of extensions and features that will improve the way your business functions.

Variforrm solution believes in exploring and delivering great addon features and help you redesign your messaging campaign.

SMS Plugins


The script which allows us to maintain the ecommerce catalogues and keep the complete database is called magento. The main advantage of using this magento is it has an advanced SEO option which helps the viewers to ease the search. Magento keeps the track of vendors, shipments, order status and many more.




The Zoho family of APIs is an expanding portfolio of functionality and depth that provides partners and customers with a simple way to integrate several of Zoho's award-winning web applications into existing third-party applications, portals or websites.


The software which helps you start your online business under open source. It provides solutions to all the ecommerce issues like managing product listing, payments, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers. It allows to buyers to customise themes and new features by add-on modules. The buyers can become reseller to the third party to sell themes and modules to merchants.




An open-source software for the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which plays a major role in any business platform. This software provides modules like email template, event, export, invoices, documents, sales order and many more. We can integrate this software in dropbox, twilio, paypal, Mozilla firefox, mailchimp, outlook, etc.


Woo Commerce is a powerful and dynamic e-commerce plugin that will potentially help sell anything! It helps enhance shop front in such a way that the next sale is a click away. It helps makes online stores stand out with help of customized themes. Its also helps keep a birds-eye-viewof incoming sales, reviews, store performance and view stats in detail.




Sugar CRM is Customer Relationship Management Software, through which effective engagement with the customers can be reached. It can be easily integrated with enterprise system, e-mail marketing , cloud services and performance management.


MS Excel is widely used in all the major fields like institution, banks, SMEs, Retail shops all most every field, through this calculation, reporting, management of data is achieved. Through this plugin, one can send out alerts. Also,from the spread sheet one can shoot the messages in a customized way.




Outlook is also one of the widely used mail exchanger software which enables to integrate with any of the mail servers. By adding the plugin to Outlook, notifications such as upcoming appointments, calender events etc can be triggered.Each time you receive a mail , get notified through SMS.