Transactional sms

Send your business updates through transactional SMS to keep your customer engaged.

Transactional sms an SMS solution that are sent to inform the latest deals or service updates. Transactional sms are mostly used by banks, E-commerce platforms, logistics etc.. It is the one stop solution to share information to your valuable customers. Transactional sms can reach your targeted audience within no time.Transactional sms service provider in Bangalore can reach large number of people at an affordable price.

  • Transactional sms should not be used for marketing.
  • We give you space to decide and assign a sender ID of your choice.

Transactional sms service provider in Bangalore can improve your business growth.

A Dynamic solution designed to make world a better place to interact. SMS has always been a very traditional method of communication after a revolution in technology. It is always an addiction to use the most economical mode for your business. Bulk SMS with its flexible feature gives us two modes i.e. transactional and promotional with its own designed earmark. Variforrm Solution as transactional sms service provider in Bangalore aim for a simple interface which should be user friendly and easily accessible.

It’s a 24/7 Messaging Service which delivers to DND numbers also. The nature of transactional SMS is generally some information like OTP, or any necessary update for the customers. We offer a flexible feature packed with batch scheduler, Unicode, DND lookup and campaign. You get the best coverage, delivery rates and good market space. We at Variforrm solution as service providers for transactional sms have checked all bottlenecks that can delay the delivery and ensure to provide the best routed channel.

Important features of transactional sms service provider in Bangalore


Instant Delivery

Transactional sms is benefited with instant delivery, it takes 0.1 second to reach your customers. It is most important for those businesses who is looking to send important information.


No restrictions

Sms can reach to those customers who are on DND facility, as in case of promotional sms you cannot send messages to DND (Do Not Disturb) number.


Customized message

Those who choose transactional sms can select a template and customize them accordingly. Before you blast your message to your audience, it is important to get your template approved by the providers.


User friendly interface

Any non-technical person can also send message from the portal directly. Portal navigation is simple and easy to understand.


Real-time reporting

Our portal provides you real-time reporting of each campaign like delivery status, sent message, open rates etc.,


Increase web traffic

If you own a website then run transactional sms campaign to generate traffic to your website by providing latest deals, offers, upcoming events and drive your audience to a particular page to generate a sale.