Who are we?

Variforrm is a global Cloud Communication provider with SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Numbers and Instant Messaging. Variforrm operates round the globe & aims at bridging the communication gaps between businesses and customers with a simple yet powerful product offering that provide tailor made solutions to real-world problems

At variforrm, communication is our passion. We constantly strive to provide you, the pitch you need to solve your customer problems. In this era, where customer communication is undoubtedly the key factor of a business’s success, we innovate to deliver you what you need, rather than what the generalized market needs!

Our platforms are built with a minimalistic approach, yet powerful algorithms triggered by the technological end gives you the wings you need to reach your customer faster and smoother.

We look forward to the future, and that’s our motto. While we strongly advocate the product cycle with innovation and sustenance, we look forward ten years down the line to see what the technology offers. Hence, we are the proud early adopters of most advanced innovations like WhatsApp for Business, AI and powerful integrations

variforrm about
variforrm about


We want to enable the world to easily communicate short and relevant messages.


We push businesses communicate instantly, effectively & securely.


To be the most efficient & trusted communication platform in the world.

Why Variforrm?

Variforrm is a perfect place for simplified communication that every business requires. In the communication industry, one can often find businesses looking for SMS from a vendor, Voice and numbers from another. This way, they will end up managing two different vendors for their customer communication. That’s where, we stands unique, with wide a product offering ranging from SMS, Voice, Numbers and API. Our unique services also include WhatsApp messaging. This will help businesses include rich media like attachments and voicebased search while eliminating the primary level interaction with the support helplines.

variforrm about

Achievements & Awards

Variforrm has received multiple awards and is an active contributor to the industry.

  • Awarded as Cloud disruptors in 2019 by Business APAC.
  • Awarded as User-friendly SMS & Cloud Telephony Solution Provider in 2019 by CIO Review India.
  • Awarded as Fastest Growing Cloud communication company by Global youth Marketing Awards in 2018.
  • Awarded as 20 most promising cloud communication providers in 2018 by CIO Review India.
variforrm about

We look forward to provide a good service.

We are here to help you grow your bussiness.