“Variforrm’s innovative approach towards redefining voice communication styles globally!”

Using a voice API, enables clients to build call logic that extends to users on any device, over any network, anywhere in the world. Integrate the most innovative voice platform to your systems for hassle free services!

Provide your customers memorable call experiences with a global outreach platform.

variforrm Voice SMS


variforrm Voice SMS
Advanced Customer Experience

Variforrm creates a room from personalized calls to agents functionalities to human like interactions via IVR reports for a rich customer experience.

variforrm Voice SMS
Instant Feedback Mechanism

Reducing manual tasks and parallely increasing efficiency is Variforrm’s form of business. It inbuids an instant user feedback mechanism to improve as per the customer trends and choices.

variforrm Voice SMS
DND Mechanism

While adhering to all forms of legal compliances & provisions, Outbound dialing feature helps customers filter out your contacts for Do Not Disturb Category.

variforrm Voice SMS
Call Reminders & Scheduling

Provide your customers a personalized touch of experience via reminder, updates and notifications. Pre-set up your schedules ahead of time and create a large customer base.

variforrm Voice SMS
Increase Productivity

Through an automated call dialing process, increase the number of outbound dialing calls and reduce the manual efforts being put. Utilize the time for agents to navigate the next call effectively.

variforrm Voice SMS
Reduce Regional Disparities

Communicate with customers across the globe irrespective of language barriers. Variforrm provides the feature of communicating in multiple langauges.

variforrm Voice SMS
Automated Re-dialer

Agents at times fails to communicate with various customers, thus, Variforrm builds an auto-retry mechanism to not leave any customer behind as we go forward for the next calls.

variforrm Voice SMS
Call Patching of Customers

The smart list optimization is responsible to check if the agents are rightly connected to the customers at a right point of time. This ensures creation of quality leads which would further turn into customeers.

variforrm Voice SMS

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variforrm Voice SMS
Outbound dialing

Variforrm has come up with an exciting feature of an automated personalized CALLS for your customers. It can be about confirmations, updates, order status which is either pre-framed as templates or usually manually set. It may include reminders, payment status, appointment details etc. Get in touch with your customers in a more personalized format and reduce manual tasks.

Call masking

Advanced technology brings us the feature of call masking, it safeguards your customer’s personal details by the inclusion of an agent. It keeps your customer’s details confidential and lets the agent deal on behalf of your customers. Bridge your customers today without disclosing their profiles.


Do you think making customer calls has never been easy? Well, Variforrm got you a solution! Click2call helps customers connect with agents instantly by just one click. It can be through the helpdesk or your own website. This attempt definitely increases your efficiency and improves your customer build.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Variforrm makes the best use of technology to build a mechanism which allows your system to interact with your customers through the use of voice and DTMF tones via a keypad. Such an interface helps create an interactive technology to help customers gain an informative experience.

Missed Call Service

Missed call services can be used as a platform for lead generation, call back service, voting and mobile verification by just a missed call. This would play a prominent role in integrating customer database along with a variety of utilities including opt in & opt out services, survey polls and many more .As a measure of extending additional service to the customers by leveraging technology we have a category of providing missed call services. This feature provides smart data collection from customers with ease of use as the customers carry no cost of the enrolment process.