The complete guide for DLT template registration

variforrm DLT services

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DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is a blockchain-based registration system that keeps track of transaction records between network participants. The DLT platform TRAI is being issued in the public interest to prevent fraudulent practice and provide greater safety to the end customer.

As per the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) guidelines, “the organizations who want to communicate via SMS with their customers will now have to register themselves with Telecom Operators. The bulk SMS Service Providers and businesses will be accountable to telecom operators who will be directly accountable to TRAI”.

This guideline curbs Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and improves mobile subscribers’ privacy within the nation. These mandatory regulations as per TRAI apply to the businesses and individuals using SMS Services in India only.

variforrm DLT services

Documents Required for DLT Registration

For the KYC process for DLT registration on any DLT Platform trai, telemarketers or enterprises need to submit the below-mentioned documents:
  • Proof of Authorized Signatory
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Consent letter from the parent entity
  • Service Agreement on Rs100 stamp paper
  • Company PAN Card
  • Self-certification by authorized signatory with name, designation, and seal
  • Company GST (In case you do not have GST, submit a declaration on company letterhead)
  • Authorized Person ID (AADHAAR CARD /PAN/VOTER ID)
  • Sender ID Authorization on Company Letterhead
  • Consent Letter to Tele-marketer on Company Letterhead
  • Authorization Letter (Client) on Company Letterhead

Benefits You Will Gain After DLT Registration

  • Enhanced targeted outreach to the customers.
  • All templates and headers are registered on the platform.
  • Better communication with the customers who actually want to receive information about the brand.
  • Improved marketing practices to reach the target audience.
You can register as an Entity or a Telemarketer to let your business communication continue and keep your customers updated. Entities not on the DLT platform may not be able to send messages. Ask for best price for DLT compliant messaging.
variforrm DLT services
Step1: Entity/Enterprise Registration

This includes details of KYC (Know Your Customer) documents like PAN, GST, TAN, CIN, etc. The process has been designed for easy and quick completion. Your organisation will get a unique Entity ID.

variforrm DLT services
Step 2. Header (Sender ID) registration

Messages are classified into Promotional, Transactional, Service Explicit, and Service Implicit. Entities need to register all their headers on the platform. Every header gets a unique Header ID that is shared across other DLT platforms seamlessly.

variforrm DLT services
Step 3. Content Template Registration

Entities are required to register all their templates on the blockchain DLT SMS system. Once a template is created, the entity retains the template ownership across all platforms. Every template gets a unique Template ID that is shared across other Blockchain DLT SMS platforms seamlessly.