Messaging API Solutions

Integrate your business SMS account API today with your system hassle free!

variforrm apis services
Automatized messaging communication assisted by an experienced API partner


variforrm apis services
Better perspective

Data analytics helps enhance your messaging campaign combining real-time data, it also helps users reach subscribers in a better way and build valuable relationships.

variforrm apis services
Wider reach of audience

It helps manage your business by creating an automated opt-in/opt-out lists. The inbuilt messaging logic makes it more relevant and enhances your campaign.

variforrm apis services
Automated retry

Assured delivery of messages each time. It avoids manual redundancies ,in case of failed delivery, through the inbuilt feature of a fully-automated retry mechanism.

variforrm apis services
Connnects intellectually

Timely delivery of messages, irrespective of the length. Smart concatenation allows send messages up to 4000 characters at one-go.

variforrm apis services
Campaign management

It helps create a single platform of a user-friendly dashboard interface to assist manage your messaging campaign. Easily send messages through FTP request or upload messages to our platform and let us handle the message delivery.

variforrm apis services
Confedential Access of Roles

Safeguard your information through a unique user permissions at different levels like Admin/Manager/Agent access & decide the extent of data availability to managers.

variforrm apis services
Queue Logic store mechanism

Automated queue logic stores messages temporarily until customers receives them,so you may send as many messages you feel like. It also ensures they are delivered at the same pace throughout.

variforrm apis services
Efficiently optimized routing

Experience a swift delivery of messages without any network congestion. Our platform chooses the best channes to enable guaranteed delivery of messages.

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Our SMS Solutions

variforrm apis services

Transactional SMS

Communicate with your customers about their transactions, verify their accounts with the OTPs and updates of placement of orders, confirmations, cancellation, refund, shipment, delivery information of tracking and more with the unique sender ids and at any point of time through an efficient managed delivery channel.

variforrm apis services

Validate OTP

Provide unique OTP for every transaction, login,app password reset, update profile etc. Here, OTP generated is secure, encrypted and functions temporarily.

variforrm apis services

Promotional SMS

Communicate about your products offers solutions and services discounts and any other promotional activity, you are running at your business. Track it with the graphical analytics over the dashboard and schedule these so that you reach your customers on time between 9am to 9 pm.

Variforrm believes in user- friendly platform for its customers. The under 60 seconds process begins with the generation of API key, setting up of an account & finally reaching customers!

Enterprise grade security

All requests are secured through BASIC authentications on HTTPS. 128-bit SSL encryption is also provided for added security via customization.

Ease in growth & flexibility

Our platform definitely supports diversification in new International markts or increasing subscribers, we believe in growing together. Add/modify users without worrying about additional infrastructure costs.

Surety of service

Ensures delivery of your messaging campaigns,each time, by 99.9% uptime and low latency. Save office space since no servers are required at office location.

Global reach

Operate globally by providing a local experienceto your clients. Enjoy the benefits of outsourcing by letting us take care of messaging network protocols, country-specific regulations while you focus on building your products.

Strong & secured networking

Variforrm’s platform is capable of robust delivery of 5k messages per second. Our strong partnership with over 800 global telecom networks across 190+ countries helps you reach customers anywhere, any time.

24/7 availability

“We are happy to help you!” Variforrm’s customer support team is available 24/7 and assures faster resolutions to all your queries.

API messaging services

Our platform Helps clients serve their customers by providing services of sending 5K messages per second to individuals or groups. Automate sending & retry mechanism, scheduling huge volumes of messages etc. only through flexible APIs.

Communicate with your customers across the globe in a multiple set of prefered languages through unicode messages.