variforrm Promotional SMS services

Transactional SMS & Promotional SMS

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variforrm Promotional SMS services

Transactional SMS & Promotional SMS

Reporting Alert Messaging
Transactional SMS

Communicate with your customers about their transactions, verify their accounts with the OTPs and updates of placement of orders, confirmations, cancellation, refund, shipment, delivery information of tracking and more with the unique sender ids and at any point of time through an efficient managed delivery channel.

Announcement Promotional Messaging
Promotional SMS

Communicate about your products offers solutions and services discounts and any other promotional activity, you are running at your business. Track it with the graphical analytics over the dashboard and schedule these so that you reach your customers on time between 9am to 9 pm

Transactional SMS & Promotional SMS Features

Dynamic dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard communicates you about the complete message status, check SMS credits available, SMS send on that day weekly and monthly reports, configure personalized sender ids, creation of personalised SMS content which appeals your customers and deliver it effectively to them.

Bulk Upload

Upload and send up to 500K messages in a single batch through Bulk Upload. Track the progress of file upload in the progress bar and get information instantly about pending amount of upload.

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics are represented graphically which allows users to understand messages sent and delivered on hourly, daily weekly and monthly basis. Reporting is done real time basis and filters can also be applied.

Data securitization

The attempt to reduce data theft, phishing, hacking & manipulative crimes, allow to send OTPs that are valid temporarily only on the registered numbers or email address.

Manage multiple sender IDs

With our user-friendly web portal, manage and create multiple sender IDs. Use your Sender ids as the # tags on social media which will make it familiar to your customers and improve the SMS Open Rates.

Customized Messaging

Communicate with your customers on a personal level and deliver effective messages. Customized messages enable you to send messages by mentioning custom fields like customer name, mobile number, message template etc. easily

Contact Management

Manage different marketing campaigns effortlessly by organizing your customer contacts into groups, mark favourites, create different campaign lists and reach your customers on time effectively

Automated route optimization

We offer to deliver OTPs within 15 seconds due to its strong network operator connections and our messaging platform looks for multiple routes in an automated and optimized way to ensure faster delivery of messages to your customers.

Message re-assembling

Now our messaging platform takes care of segmenting and re- assembling messages on the customers phone to make it look like a single message. You can include upto 4000 characters and send long messages without a worry.

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