2 Way Messaging

Create strong networks through interactive messages!
“Transform your Business with the new communicational trend”

variforrm 2 way messenging

2-way Messaging incubates, through cloud-based communicational mechanism, a feature of both sending & receiving messages within a short timeframe. By giving you the complete flexibility in communication, the 2 way messaging manages both incoming messages and provides an instant platform to bring success to your campaign.

variforrm 2 way messenging
Short code Messaging

A short code is a unique number designed for high-throughput, two-way messaging. Short codes are used to send and receive SMS from mobile phones. Variforrm currently offers short codes.

variforrm 2 way messenging
Long code messaging

A Long Code number is 10 digit virtual mobile number used to send or receive voice calls and SMS from all over the world. Long codes are intended for P2P communication, means when a person communicates with another person.



variforrm 2 way messenging
Confedential Shared Codes

Allow your clients to operate the sending & responding to messages by configuring specific keywords or an identified shared short/long codes. Such platforms helps you track all responses and fetch minute information about customer mobile number,message status etc.

variforrm 2 way messenging
Identification Keywords

Use special identification keywords to create a strong customer base through a short/long code number. This particular mechanism helps you build your brand recognition by using same keywords again & again.

variforrm 2 way messenging
Maintainence of Records

Manage incoming customer requests, queries and replies on your CRM, Application or on any other platform through a Trigger Log. The trigger log will also store the Trigger URL along with details of the VMN number used, recipient, message, status and response and triggered time. Keep a count on all the keywords used in your interactive messages with Count Log.

variforrm 2 way messenging
Reports on regular intervals

Get the benefit of a detailed report ranging upto six months for short & long odes that is identified for a campaign. You can later use it to filter the repots based of keywords.

variforrm 2 way messenging
Client management

Manage your users by gathering information through various surveys, feedbacksetc. For your campaign. You can easily automate thr opt-in/opt-out feature through interactive messages.

variforrm 2 way messenging
Automated response mechanism

Rely on our smart auto response feature,configue such automated response with the identified keywords to keep your clients engaged.




Realible Delivery Channels

Optimized routing ensures no delay resulting in high delivery rates of messages. Our extensive network carrier connections with over 800+ operators across 190+ countries allows you to send messages across the globe.

Identifaction Keywords

Variforrm allows businesses to set up predefined keywords to share dedicated short code / long code numbers and help businesses to identify customer preferences through registered numbers, mail ids,etc.

Customer engagement

Allow your customers to decide if they want to opt-in/opt-out of your campaigns. Let customers also be notified about appointments, reminders, shipments etc.

Interconnectivity through Detailed Reports

Get the benefit of a detailed report ranging upto six months for short & long odes that is identified for a campaign. You can later use it to filter the repots based of keywords.

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